Capital Investments

Royalty Holders in World-Class Projects.

Accelerating a successful green hydrogen project's path to a financial investment decision.

We invest capital into our portfolio of projects to support a project's development across feasibility and Front End Engineering Design phases through a Financial Investment Decision.

In exchange for our investments, we acquire royalties over the proceeds from hydrogen sales. This way, we can pass through the benefits of being early to the game to our offtake partners.

We don't take equity or operational roles in our projects, which allows us to focus on building a robust portfolio with a small and dynamic team.

Our mission is to support the best projects by providing future commercial certainties early in their lifecycle. Through our capital investments, we ensure they get there in good shape.

Our Approach

Empower Production. De-risk Supplies.

Proprietary Due Diligence

NewBalance and its partners develop a set of region-specific due diligence and production protocols defined as Hydrogen Production Qualification Standards (“HPQS”) to measure the competitiveness and reliability of production projects.

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Capital Investment

We invest capital into our portfolio projects in support of its development through feasibility and Front End Engineering Design phases to ultimately achieve a successful and accelerated Financial Investment Decision.

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Offtake Agreements

NewBalance works with each project to develop an offtake proposal early in the project life cycle. NewBalance's HPQS governs the offtake proposal and works as a roadmap for automatically converting it into a purchase agreement.

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